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About us

SORKO d.o.o. for trade & services

Sorko d.o.o. Karlovac for trade & services is private company established 1991, with the purpose to promote & provide qualified & urgent supply with all kinds of good to be imported to Croatia or exported all around the world. Today it is affirmed part of Croatian economy in a sector of smaller companies & according to The Institute for Business Investigation from Zagreb, from 2005. company signed the business code of ethics by Chamber of Commerce.


Because of the economic situation in our country and preparing for EU, we closed our international shipping (customs clereances) at November 1st 2011. According to that, we redirected our business to connections with foreign investors from EU and the rest of the world.

SORKO d.o.o. is a business partner with the company GRADKO d.o.oZagreb who is the owner of the business zone Bosiljevo and the prominent builder of the apartments and business objects at the many locations in Zagreb (Jarun, Špansko, Malešnica, Selska cesta, Folnegovićeva i Rapska ulica).

Mr. Krunoslav Sorko, the director of SORKO d.o.o., is an attorney for the company GRADKO d.o.o. and business zone Bosiljevo. He represent communications link between potencial investors and the owner of the Zone. He also presented the business zone Bosiljevo, looking for domestic and foreign investors which are wanted to realize their own projects in the business zone Bosiljevo. Permenantly the business zone Bosiljevo is the 4th biggest in Croatia (42 hectare) and the wish of the owner is to make it the most biggest (200 hectare).

>According to the master plan of the Business zone Bosiljevo has an economic purpose for:Industries and trades,

  • Commerces, warehouses, services
  • Offices, agencies, banks,
  • Restorants and hotels.

In accordance with our business politics to offer the best and complete services, from the beginning to the final realization, we are available with all relevant informations at +385 47 611 754  and e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.